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Here at Customcard Ltd we supply a whole range of ID Accessories to suit your needs, starting with ID Card Holder and ID Badge Holder. There are various styles of ID Card Holder you can choose from.  We have Open Faced holders available in a range of 10 colours to choose from. We have two styles of Enclosed ID Card holder to help protect your ID Cards from dust and dirt. We also have a Multicard Holder which will take five identity cards.  All our ID card holders will carry the measurements of a credit card which is 86 x 54mm.

Further products include Badge Reels, Badge Clips, Lanyards and Conference Badges. Conference badges are essential during such events and our items will hold a piece of paper or card measuring 90mm by 60mm. Equipped with a crocodile clip and safety pin, they can be easily attached to pockets and lapels for others to see clearly.

Badge Reels, Custom ID Cards

Badge Reels

Badge Clip, Custom ID Cards

Badge Clip

ID Card Holder, Custom ID Cards

ID Card Holder

Confernce Badges, Custom ID Cards

Confernce Badges


Printed Lanyards Visitor Staff, Custom ID Cards

Printed Lanyards Visitor Staff

Personalised Lanyards, Custom ID Cards

Personalised Lanyards

Neck Lanyards, Custom ID Cards

Neck Lanyards

Plastic Pockets, Custom ID Cards

Plastic Pockets

ID Badge Pockets, Custom ID Cards

ID Badge Pockets

Self Seal Pouches, Custom ID Cards

Self Seal Pouches

Self Adhesive Pockets, Custom ID Cards

Self Adhesive Pockets

bling products, Custom ID Cards

Bling Products

Armbands, Custom ID Cards

Funky Lanyards

Armbands, Custom ID Cards


Armbands, Custom ID Cards

Photo ID Cards