Coloured Lanyards

Cheap Lanyards, come with a plastic safety breakaway clip to prevent choking hazards or injury,?these can easily be clipped back together. ?Cord and Bling Lanyards do not have safety breakaway clip.

The Plain Lanyards are 8mm wide and come with plastic style dog clip, ?available in 10 different colours Red, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Orange, Purple, Grey and Pink. ? The Cord Lanyards come with metal dog clips and are available in Blue & Black. ?Our Bling Lanyards are 10mm wide and come complete with 3 connections in 8 different colours Silver, Black Pink, Purple, Blue, Green and Multi-coloured.

The Neck Chains are Metal Nickle Free with 2.3mm balls.

If you would like some help choosing the right Plain Neck Lanyard?or would like to place an order, or request a sample,?please email us on? us or call 01920 460555

Neck Chain

Prices from 20p per unit

Breakaway Lanyard, metal clip

Prices from 35p per unit

Breakaway Lanyard, plastic clip

Prices from 18p per unit

Lobster Style Lanyard

Prices from 35p per unit